How do I make a nomination to the Hall of Fame?
Criteria for Hall of Fame Nomination A candidate must meet all of the eligibility requirements of one of the applicable categories below in order to be eligible for nomination. Athlete An individual athlete is eligible for nomination if: 1. 10 years have passed since the candidate's year of graduation from an Eligible High School; 2. The candidate lettered in at least one sport twice or two sports at least once during his/her athletic career at an Eligible High School; 3. The candidate exemplified sportsmanship, leadership, citizenship and teamwork as an athlete at an Eligible High School; and 4. The candidate was selected as an All-City, All-State performer, State Champion, All-American, National Champion or has made a significant athletic contribution to high school, college or professional athletics competition. Team No more than one team of athletes is eligible for nomination if the team, in one particular sport and season: 1. Won a State Championship, National Championship or made a significant contribution at any level of athletics competition; 2. 5 years have passed since such season; 3. The team achieved significant accomplishments that raised the bar or set a standard for future teams to follow; and 4. The team left a notable legacy on SPS Athletics. Coach, Staff, or Supporter No more than one individual coach, staff member or supporter of SPS Athletics is eligible for nomination if: 1. 5 years have passed since such candidate's service to SPS Athletics; 2. The candidate made a significant contribution to SPS Athletics through their leadership, inspiration, and support; and 3. The candidate's accomplishments raised or set a standard for future coaches, teams, administrators, and supporters of SPS athletics.
The criteria for nomination to the SPS Athletic Hall of Fame are listed below. Nominations must be submitted by May 1, 2018 for consideration for induction in 2019. Download a nomination form here.
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