Welcome to the Seattle 500
What is the Seattle 500? An inspired group of dedicated Seattle Public School alumni, parents, local sports organizations, community members and Seattle area business owners who believe in the importance of  giving ALL SPS students, boys and girls, the opportunity to participate in quality high school athletic programs and who commit to ensuring that no student athlete will ever have to Pay to Play. Each member of the Seattle 500 will give a minimum of $500/year for at least two years.
Goals of the Seattle 500 The primary goal of the Seattle 500 is to ensure that no student athlete will ever have to Pay to Play. Dollars raised above the need for student scholarships will be used to support a variety of programs and needs at ALL 10 Seattle high schools.  This support could include such things such as uniforms, equipment, coach  stipends, after-school tutoring and athlete/coach transportation as needed for teams participating in playoff and championship games.
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